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Related: PS5 The score is hidden. Related: Amazon Prime Day PS4 Deals The leak, unfortunately, did only contain the overall score rather than the exact score value and further benchmark details. Adam Speight. Computing Writer. He has a background in covering everything from consumer tech and video ga….A remarkable story unfolded last April where it seemed that an intrepid explorer of the 3DMark benchmark database stumbled upon preliminary testing for a new gaming processor from AMD dubbed 'Gonzalo' - almost certainly a codename for work-in-progress PlayStation 5 silicon.

The notion of a PC benchmark database yielding top secret information about an upcoming next-gen console seems implausible - but further leaks over the last few days not only back up the Gonzalo story but also deliver new details about the graphics core of the new machine. The scale and scope of this latest leak is remarkable and the origin of the new information seems even more far-fetched than the Gonzalo story, leading many to believe that the entire thing may be a work of fiction. However, having looked into the situation and independently verified the source, the overwhelming evidence is that the data does indeed originate from AMD - and hasn't been doctored.

We're lacking crucial context for sure but the reasons to doubt the veracity of the leak are somewhat thin on the ground. The leaks include testing of next-gen desktop and mobile Ryzen APUs along with some deep-dive testing on the PS5 chip, now codenamed Oberon.

While the data is not public, it's clear that the GitHub test data has travelled far and wide: further details from the leak mentioned in this article are being discussed at length on ResetErafor example.

The genie is out of the bottle. My understanding is that this data was first stored on GitHub around six to seven months ago - and looking back over noted leakers' timelines on Twitterthe source seems to have been picked up on as early as August.

While this may suggest that the testing data doesn't reflect current next-gen console specs, it's important to remember that developing a microprocessor of the complexity we're talking about here tends to be a multi-year effort. Testing and validating a chip to ensure that it meets performance targets and that it passes debugging is in itself a lengthy process - and making changes to the architecture of the chip at this point is unlikely.

Tweaks to clock speeds or accompanying memory are a possibility but the timeline we have suggests that Sony already took the decision to push GPU clock speeds higher by the time the leaked testing took place.

The test leaks that emerged in recent days tell us nothing about the CPU component but confirm 36 available compute units running at 2.

At this point, it would be remiss of me not to point out that performance from a Navi teraflop is much, much improved over older generation GCN equivalents. This may indicate that 14gbps GDDR6 is upgraded to 16gbps on the same bit memory interface or it may simply be the case that performance was improved on an internal cache. An upgrade to what is currently premium-level memory may well be beyond the scope of PlayStation 5's balance between price and performance - but of course, it's not as if Sony hasn't upgraded RAM in the past.

So how can we be confident that this processor is actually a semi-custom AMD product for Sony and not another partner like Microsoft? The giveaway is the fact that the GPU can be switched to three different modes in order to provide hardware backwards compatibility with PS4 and PS4 Pro.

While a 2. The indications are that back-compat is an integral part of the silicon, which in turn raises some interesting questions about the makeup of the Navi GPU and the extent to which older GCN compatibility may be baked into the design. As we understand it, the documents consist of fragments from a much larger data set that we don't get to see.Sony and Microsoft have both taken an extremely measured approach when it comes to unveiling their next-gen consoles.

Both devices should cost about the same prices as a result, although neither company is willing to offer buyers concrete details at this point. We also still lack complete specs sheets for the new devices and actual prices, and we have no firm release dates at this point for the PlayStation 5 or the next-gen Xbox. But you can always count on those people who have access to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X developer kits to leak plenty of information about the two consoles.

Now, the newest leak offers actual specs for both devices, which means we now have near-final or even final specs for both upcoming new video game consoles. Originating from 4chan just like most PS5 leaks so far, the new specs leak supposedly comes from a game tester who has been using the updated second version of the PS5 Devkit for a third-party studio.

Image Source: Notebookcheck. The fact that both consoles will seemingly include solid-state drives instead of regular hard disks is also not a secret. But, again, we have no idea what speeds and capacities to expect from the SSDs. A previous leak said the dev kit had 1TB of storage space. The Xbox, meanwhile, will have a slightly faster processor. Previous leaks said the Xbox Series X will outperform the PS5 when it comes to graphics, but also that Sony will beat Microsoft when it comes to memory and storage.

As for Microsoft, we expect the company to make more Series X announcements at E3 in June, an event that Sony has said it will not attend this year. Image Source: Microsoft. Tags: PS5Series Xxbox. Chris Smith started writing about gadgets as a hobby, and before he knew it he was sharing his views on tech stuff with readers around the world. Whenever he's not writing about gadgets he miserably fails to stay away from them, although he desperately tries.

But that's not necessarily a bad thing. Share Tweet. Doctors made a new discovery about the weirdest coronavirus symptom. Your coronavirus stimulus check could be swiped by debt collectors. How to check the status of your coronavirus stimulus payment online.

This is the most unbelievable Fire HD 8 Tablet deal ever. New coronavirus mutation strain could threaten vaccine development By Chris Smith 1 day ago. Doctors may have discovered another life-saving coronavirus drug By Chris Smith 1 day ago. Post to Cancel.PS4 has already made its mark in front of the whole world. Taking this in mind, Sony has decided to launch the PlayStation Five i.

ps5 tester

PS5 soon with all new ps5 specs and probably better ps5 price. So nowadays people are asking when is the Ps5 coming out? Every day, we are getting news about the PS5 release date, its upcoming features and the prices in several countries as well as several other things. Even before its release, this new, upcoming gaming hardware has already created a lot of rumors in the market regarding its release and features.

So PS5 release date is still a huge question. Also, will it be even called a ps5 or a different name? However, it is better known for this name i.

Sony might be implementing notable upgrades for the next generation of gaming consoles in the form of PS5 which could be the reason why the manufacturer is taking so much time for its release.

So, we may expect it to release by Also, Read this news about ps5 Release dates. This will not make any sad to the gamers because it is also coming with lots of amazing new features such as high graphics, 2 terabytes of memory along with 12 gigabytes of DDR5 memory. The console is expected to be launched with several amazing upgrades. What we want is, the manufacturer, Sony needs to focus on the price along with the features since PS4 was widely successful last time in comparison to the Xbox One which is why millions of gamers from all over the world are happy with the price and features accompanied by its amazing gaming experience.

With all new upgrades to the PlayStation 4, Ps5 Specifications would surely be amazing new features to the existing hardware, which will be used for offering an outstanding gaming experience to the gamers who are eager to play the best ultra high-quality 4K games with Virtual Reality VR experiences.

Below image is said to be a ps5 specs leak but we really doubt it is. Most of the existing gaming consoles currently use the same chip for both processing and graphics. According to the rumors about ps5 specs, we can say that the PlayStation 5 will feature dedicated graphics chips that can possibly support first ps5 8k resolution gaming.

This will certainly be a great inclusion in the console. It is also expected that the latest and next-generation AMD graphics technology for the PS5 has already been started and is in the development phase. The all-new graphics technology for the console will certainly be more powerful than most of the existing graphics card. As of now, we are sure about one thing about the graphics in the PS5.PS5 or PlayStation 5 is the next-generation PlayStation, with a release date of lateand although Sony has remained tight-lipped about its new console, it has drip-fed us a few juicy details on what we can expect from its next-gen offering.

We recently got our first look at the DualSense PS5 controllerwhich boasts some impressive-sounding features such as haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and a built-in mic. But what is arguably most interesting about the DualSense controller is its radically different look and space-age black-and-white color scheme, which suggests the PS5 design will look something similar - and will be a big departure from its predecessors.

Lead system architect Mark Cerny provided us with a deep dive into the PS5's system architecture, revealing the technical inner workings of the PS5.

In terms of features, we know the next-gen console will have ray-tracinga super-fast SSD, a built-in 4K Blu-ray player and will be backwards compatible with a huge swath of the PS4's game catalogue. So far, the PS5 is living up to the hype. Want all the juicy details? Here's everything we know about the PS5 so far — and what we hope will be revealed the closer we get to launch.

Sony has officially confirmed that the PS5 will release "in time for Holiday ", so likely some time between October and December A leak has suggested that the release date will be November 20, but that's yet to be confirmed — but it's in the right window, and it would leave time before Christmas to get those orders in.

This would put the PlayStation 5 in direct competition with Microsoft's Xbox Series Xwhich is releasing during the same period.

Game on.

ps5 tester

Despite rumors, a Sony PR has confirmed the PS5's release date has not been delayed by coronavirus so we should still see the next-gen console release in late - even if we're not sure exactly when that will be.

We're expecting to find out the PlayStation 5's official release date in the coming months, having not been revealed at the March 18 technical talk. Sony hasn't officially confirmed a PS5 price yet and, according to the company, that's because it hasn't actually decided how much the next-gen console will cost.

But we do know that Sony is aiming for "the best balance so that we will be profitable in the life, during the life of this product.

PlayStation Hiring For Work on a “Next Generation Gaming System”

While Sony may not have a price nailed down, there have been rumors about how much the PS5 could cost. While the latest PS5 price leaks are wild — and can't be trusted - some predictions seem a bit more feasible even if they're not reliable. We think this could be the most likely price for the console but, until Sony confirms pricing, we can only speculate.

We can expect that the console's price will be in line with the technology it uses, but Sony will also have to be aware of its competition. It's unlikely, with the Xbox Series X, that Microsoft will repeat the mistake it made by launching the Xbox One at a prohibitively high price point, so Sony will have to ensure that it doesn't make a similar mistake by making the PS5 too expensive.

Boon asked Twitter users what the most important thing was for them when it comes to next-gen consoles. It's worth noting that a Twitter poll isn't exactly reflective of the overall player base, especially as it's unlikely younger players will be on the platform. So, while this poll can be useful as a steer, the reality is likely to be a lot more complex. Regardless, we expect price to be a key factor in whether players pick up a PS5 or Xbox Series X - even if it's not the most important.

Sony finally lifted the hood on the PlayStation 5 during its first official PS5 reveal eventgiving us a better idea of the specs the next-gen console will offer.

But what do we think? What's interesting so far is Sony's commitment to custom silicon, with a full focus on raising gaming capabilities to the next level, without alienating developers now comfortable with developing on the PS4.A recent PS5 'leak' has apparently revealed the specs of the newest PlayStation 5 dev kit - but we don't believe it for a second.

An anonymous 4Chan user, who claims to work as a game tester at a third party studio, posted a list of specs that they claim are for the PS5's second, and most recent, dev kit. But we're not convinced. But, regardless of that, the specs themselves are pretty much nonsense and very unlikely. While the PS5 is going to be a powerhouse, we don't think it's going to be or needs to be that powerful.

This is arguably more than any home console would need - even next gen. That brings us on to the AMD Zen 2 at 3. This would require a lot of power and, in console form, is likely to get very hot - which goes against Sony's aim for a more eco-friendly console.

Usually this could be combated in a gaming PC with a water cooling system but that's almost definitely not going to be a feature with the PS5. However, while most of these specs seem pretty unbelievable, the SSD specs are on par with what we would expect from the PS5 - very fast. This would make sense considering Sony's aim to essentially do-away with loading times.

There are also cores for ray-tracing and 3D audiowhich are confirmed PS5 features. Regardless of how many aspects line up, it's likely a lot of these specs are educated guesses based on information Sony has previously released - and other rumors. Unsurprisingly, given how powerful the leak claims the next-gen consoles are and the source, we're not convinced these are the real PS5 or Xbox Series X specs.

The PS5 will match up with this high-end graphics card – Report

Here are the specs that the poster claims the new PS5 dev kit has: Image credit: Sony 4Chan is infamous for being unreliable. PS5 vs Xbox Series X : what we know so far.

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ps5 tester

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