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Event Directory. Greeting Cards. Halachic Times. Jewish Calendar. Judaica Store. Knowledge Base. SMS Shabbat Times. Yahrtzeit Lookup. Popular Tools:. Shabbat Times. Email Subscriptions. More Sites Today is Sat. Jewish Practice. Rashi 's Commentary :. Show Hide. Show content in:. Both English Hebrew. Chapter 47 1 Then he brought me back to the entrance of the House, and behold there was water coming out from under the threshold of the House toward the east, for the House faced eastward, and the water was descending from below, from the right side of the House, from the south of the altar.Jew 2.

That evening at home, the young Reb Yisrael began to read. Who taught you that?! Furthermore, every letter of the alef-beis begins with the yuda point. Now we enter the realm of two-digit numbers. The fact that ten represents sanctity and holiness is another reason for the importance of the yud. And if these ten souls are gathered together for Torah study and prayer, how much mightier is their force.

How do we know about the sanctity of ten? From the story of the Meraglim —the Spies. It is a land that devours its inhabitants. From here we learn that a congregation an eidah refers to a group of ten, a minyan.

A number of important questions logically follow. They were holy people. We will be swallowed up by materialism. He chose us to be a light unto all the nations of the world. Instead of studying and praying all day they would be working the soil. They would be reaping delicious produce. And they would forget all about why they ultimately came. In the desert, the Jewish people were essentially provided for. They had manna from Heaven to eat. They had water from the well of Miriam to drink.

Their clothes were washed and maintained by the Clouds of Glory. So what did they do all day? They learned Torah. They discussed its instructions and delved into its secrets. After all this, the nation divided into small groups and discussed the particular law, analyzing it over and over again until they were utterly clear about every one of its aspects.

This was the daily routine of the Jewish people in the desert. The Jewish people will become immersed in the physical rather than the spiritual. That is the ultimate goal of the Jewish nation. On the other hand, they had a valid point. They knew of the temptations that awaited the Jewish people. Now imagine this scenario. No problem. There was much more studying to be done. First, the Jewish people had to enter the Land.According to R. It is the numerical value of the verse of the Genesis where it is written: And God saw that it was good.

This Name of glory was given to Jesus, the innocent Victim, after his death. The Just to justify us becomes himself curse, since it is written: "Anyone hanged is accursed" Ga 3, The psalm 47 is the first song of the divine Reign. It talks about the union of the nations as only one people to which unite the descendants of Abraham so as to rent the Eternal under only one chief, the Christ.

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Latest of 3 Replies: Post a Reply. Latest of 20 Replies: Post a Reply. Read 14 more replies. Read 1 more reply. Latest of 4 Replies: Post a Reply. Events Symbols Numerology World News. Resources Options Search. Calculate the number of your name with the Gematria Calculator. Comment on Number 47 Symbolism, 47 Meaning and Numerology Subject required Name optional Comments required Spam, links, and email addresses will be removed. Mem Zayin l to r 47 in Hebrew Along with an acron on the center of my torso and a star of David on my Adam's apple.

It really creeps me out.

Hebrew Dictionary (Lexicon-Concordance)

I always feel like its a warning, its never a good feeling. Wish I knew why. This number is not a coincidence. Please be unite on any social net site. Any fear based interpretation in stemming from fear Never be afraid, instead feel grateful you are being guided through love light and only goodness.

meaning of 47 in hebrew

Perceive love with love, not fear. Just putting in my two cents here. I'm not sure about the whole numerology thing and I don't know how that relates to Christianity or the universe but by coincidence it seems that since some of my family members have passed on I started seeing a lot of double triple and quad numbers along with, and numbers of cars and sometimes even numbers that mean things to me like an old house address that I've lived at.

I am definitely feeling like this could be some type of connection with angels or my past family members or something since this all also coincides with my recent strong connection with nature and possibly even more specifically Hummingbirds and Cardinals and blue jays and robins. Sometimes even dragonflies.This is another reference post to help with Bible study, symbolism, dream interpretation, etc.

Related articles can be found on the Misparim page. For numbersclick here. Eleven achat esre [f. Sadly, many confuse the two. However, there is also some strong indication that if a person is walking uprightly and humble, eleven has prophetic implications.

This horn was epitomized in evil Antiochus Epiphanes, which is a type of the beast and anti-christ. Dan Eleventh Hebrew Letter: Khaf Numerical value of twenty. Pictograph meaning of an open hand or container. As a suffix, it shows possession or ownership. An open hand is one that receives, or in Hebrew kabbalah. There are true prophetic things in kabbalistic teachings, but there is also a much more popular form that is perverted like divination.

Our job is to discern the difference. And Micah supposed the Lord would bless him in all of this! This verse begins and ends the entire series of chapters: In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.

Twelve shtayim esre [f. Thirteen shlosh esre [f. It is the 6 th prime number, so it will have some of the same meanings as the number six. The idea that the number 13 is bad luck comes from pagan influences. The Hebrew word for love ahavah and oneness echad share the numerical value of Thus, one would expect to see 13 linked with love and unity.

The number of the Messiah. To reproduce, recreate, disciple, servant, bond-servant. The moon is nearly full on the fourteenth day of each Hebrew month, symbolizing fullness, revelation, and increased spiritual light. Fifteen implies salvation, healing, redemption, prolonging, stepping up, ascending, and fullness like the LIGHT of the full moon. The number fifteen also represents the elevation from the physical to the spiritual. Sixteen shesh esre f shisha asar m Multiple of eight.

Without boundaries or limits. New beginning. Olam Olam. Outside of time as we know it. Lingering with the Father. See eight for more information.Psalm 47 is the 47th psalm of the Book of Psalmsgenerally known in English by its first verse, in the King James Version" O clap your hands ". In the Greek Septuagint version of the bible, and in its Latin translation in the Vulgatethis psalm is Psalm 46 in a slightly different numbering system.

The Hebrew Letter Peh

In Latin, it is known as "Omnes gentes plaudite manibus". It is one of twelve psalms attributed to the sons of Korahand one of fifty-five psalms addressed to the "Chief Musician" or "Conductor". The psalm is a regular part of JewishCatholicAnglican and Protestant liturgies. In Jewish tradition, Psalm 47 is one of 12 psalms attributed to the sons of Korah. Psalm 47 is also grouped with other psalms that declare God's kingship, as stated in verse 7. In Christian scholarship, Psalm 47 is one of seven " enthronement psalms " which refer to the crowning of God as king at a festive occasion.

Alternately, it is an allusion to the Ascension of Jesus to the heavenly Zion after completing his mission on earth.

Psalm 47 includes allusions to Rosh Hashanathe day of judgment in Judaism. Verse 6, which cites the shofar that is blown on Rosh Hashanah, further hints at God ascending his thrones of judgment and mercy, themes that resonate with the day of judgment.

When the Holy One ascends to sit on the throne of judgment, it is in order to render strict justice, as it says, "Elohim ascends amidst shouting". What does the Holy One do? Arises from the throne of judgment, sits on the throne of mercy, is filled with mercy towards them and transforms the attribute of strict justice into the attribute of mercy for their sake.

On Rosh Hashanah Leviticus Rabbah The same verse 6 also alludes to the shofar blowing at the conclusion of the holiday of Yom Kippurwhen the Divine Presencewhich has rested upon the Jewish people throughout the day of atonement, returns back to heaven. This verse can be translated, "God ascends with a teruah", teruah being a reference to the sound of the shofar. Psalm 47 is recited seven times prior to the shofar blowing on Rosh Hashanah.

These seven repetitions correspond to the seven mentions of Elohim God in this psalm, [2] as well as allude to the seven heavens which God created. Verse 6 is one of the ten verses included in the grouping known as Shofrot verses related to shofar-blowingrecited during the Mussaf prayer on both days of Rosh Hashanah. Since the line "God is gone up with a shout" has been related to the Ascension of Jesus, the psalm was used in liturgies on the feast day.

The psalm and selected verses were set to music often, focusing on the call to clap and sing, and related to the line "God is gone up with a shout" which has been related to the Ascension of Jesus. Orlando Gibbons set the psalm in English for choir. Rory Cooney set Psalm 47 for Ascensionsubtitled God Mounts His Throne inscored for soloist, three-part choir, the assembly, and brass.

It can also be performed in a reduced version with guitar accompaniment. Many hymns are modelled after Psalm From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article uses Hebrew Masoretic psalm numbering. For the anthem by Rutter, see O clap your hands Rutter. Retrieved August 12, Westminster John Knox Press.

Bible Study Tools. Retrieved August 17, The r is a picture of a head. Combined these have the meaning of "family of heads". The plant families of grains such as wheat and barley have a cluster of seeds at the top of the stalk called "heads". These grains were used for food for both man and livestock.

CO: Grain AB:? The stalks of the grains were burned to make potash for making soap. What is cleaned with soap becomes white or bright. Grain: Grain, and field, as a place for growing grain. Soap: Made from the ashes of the grain stalks. Clean: Cleanliness from soap. Also pure as a moral cleanliness. CO: Soap AB:? Clean: The cleaning or polishing of something to make it bright or pure. Choice: Something that is clean or pure. Anything or anyone of great strength, physical or mental.

The filling of the earth in ge1with sun, moon, plants, animals, etc. And the filling of man with life and the image of God. Livestock fed grains become fat and are the choicest for slaughter. If one party fails to meet the agreements of the covenant then the other may do the same to them. CO: Palace AB:? All rights reserved. Used by permission. Sign out. Not a member? Color Scheme. Bible Tools Search.

Interlinear Search.You will be able to see related articles and reference information under the new menu heading Misparim — of which I will be adding to periodically. Studying Dr. Efes modern Hebrew. The closest words would be no or nothing. In English, we typically think of zero as nothing, but there is another side to this coin. Thus, zero indicates what is hidden or unknowable or uncertain. It can represent what is eternal and limitless or something that has great potential, and it also signifies something unquantifiable and uncontainable such as the Mighty Elohim God.

For example, 70 is the number 7 followed by a zero. When studying higher numbers, zero should be viewed with this in mind. The negative connotations of zero would be exactly what you probably suspect: a lack of harvest, reward, or effort.

Since we have many idioms in English that represent zero or nothing, sometimes zero will be just that. In this sense, a dream with such idioms or an actual zero could imply uselessness or wasted efforts.

meaning of 47 in hebrew

Achat [f. Single and not plural, not subject to multiplicity or division. God is One. Echad one is the watchword of Israel. The Shema Dt. He is the Eternal One and the Source of all creation. But even more than that, it is a declaration that His people accept and reverence His lofty position over mankind. One Day is a return to the beginning, a return to Eden. Acts One DayGod will be all in all. But at evening time it shall happen That it will be light.

And in that day it shall be—That living waters shall flow from Jerusalem, Half of them toward the eastern sea And half of them toward the western sea; In both summer and winter it shall occur. Shtayim [f. It is also related to the Hebrew word shanahmeaning change or repeat.

47 value in Gematria Calculator

Context determines meaning as with all numbers. What is opposite is meant to complement for a blessing, not bring division and conflict. There were two pillars that protected and watched over Israel in the wilderness: a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. These watery fire pillars reflect the earthly waters and the heavenly fire waters of day two of creation.

To bless, in simple understanding, is to multiple something or someone. With the number two, multiplication becomes possible. For example, the second day of creation DIVIDES the upper and lower waters, the second sentence in scripture speaks of chaos, and the second chapter reveals two trees representing life and death.

The Apostolic Writings N.

meaning of 47 in hebrew

Two presents one with a choice, and hopefully that choice will lead to life and blessing, a positive change that repeats through each new cycle or shanah year. Mankind has two natures.

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