Gridsome builds ultra performance into every page automatically. You get code splitting, asset optimization, progressive images, and link prefetching out of the box.

With Gridsome you get almost perfect page speed scores by default. Gridsome sites can be hosted anywhere, even on a CDN. There is no need for a Node.

Why wait for pages to build on the fly when you can generate them at deploy time? When it comes to minimizing the time to first byte, nothing beats pre-built files served over a CDN. With server-side processes abstracted into microservice APIs, surface areas for attacks are reduced. You can also leverage the domain expertise of specialist third-party services.

When your deployment amounts to a stack of files that can be served anywhere, scaling is a matter of serving those files in more places. CDNs are perfect for this, and often include scaling in all of their plans. Every import you declare gets bundled and served with each page. That means pages never load unnecessary code while browsing around. It stands for:. Learn more about PRPL pattern.

Gridsome prefetches internal links in the background so browsing around goes insanely fast. Gridsome builds two files of every page. When the website hydrates into a Vue. This results in a faster and smoother browsing experience. In development it lets you do real-time image processing, like resizing and cropping. These HTML files are optimized to load as fast as possible. Learn more about Vue.Forestry will pull in your commits and update the CMS.

Invite your team to create content in a rich UI. Their updates get committed back without merge conflicts. Your editing team deserves a powerful admin interface. Login from your yoursite. With Forestry Remote, your site will transcend static. It lightspeeds and makes CMS development "baby easy". Really enjoying using forestryio - superb product that integrates brilliantly with git resulting in a hugely robust, version controlled, content store for "static sites".

Paired with Netlify, it becomes even more awesome. Great work. Managing my blog is massively easier with forestryio - much better than my previous workflow which is still compatible! Create and edit Markdown-based content with ease.

Built for static site generators. Trusted By. Empower your editors Your editing team deserves a powerful admin interface. Richard Gazdik richardgazdik. Saul Cullen saulgcullen. Christian Nolte drlogout. Built my first site with GoHugoIO and forestryio. What a pleasure! Matt Cowger mcowger. Hugh Durkin hughdurkin. Build amazing sites We have the tools to manage your content. Import it to Forestry.

Get started for free.The era of Static Site Generators is changing over time, a lot of cool tools are being created to help foster the JAMStack evolution and developers are embracing these tools. One of the tools for creating blazing fast websites is Gridsome.

This is a true fact but it spans over having a static HTML page rendered. Static Site Generators are a new, hybrid approach to web development that allows you to build a powerful, website locally on your computer but pre-builds the site into static files for deployment.

Gridsome is a Vue-powered static site generator for building blazing fast static websites. It is data-driven meaning it uses a GraphQL layer to get data from different sources in order to dynamically generate pages from it.

Gridsome is the Vue alternative to Gatsby for React.

gridsome tutorial

Gridsome ships with a lot of great features that makes building a static site with Gridsome a great choice. Some of the features it offers includes:. Gridsome is a website framework that enables us to create fast blazing static sites and how it works is it fetches data from data sources like CMSs, local files or external APIs and store the data in a local database. GraphQL acts as a centralized data management system that manages the data and gives you the ability to extract and use data within your vue components.

For development, Gridsome provides a command gridsome develop that starts the local server with hot-reloading and a GraphQL data layer. Along with Gridsome, there are other Static Site Generators available to create your website.

Then, you can install Gridsome CLI by running the following command:. There you have it, your gridsome site is up and running on port Gridsome also provides a GraphQL playground environment for testing out queries. In order to fully grasp what Gridsome can do we need to fully understand what each file within the project is specifically used for.

Gridsome starter comes fully baked with all the files we need for developing a site, we can see there are already a couple of files in the project directory. With Plugins enabled you can have additional functionalities tied to your Gridsome App.

Plugins options are added to gridsome. In this tutorial, I'll be using Bulma for styling and in order to set it up I'll have to add the following lines in main.

With Gridsome there are several ways of getting data into your site. Gridsome makes use of GraphQL for data management. First one will be a page with a list of all profiles and the other page which will be the About page will contain details about the site. With Gridsome we have the layouts which are used to wrap pages components.

You can query data from GraphQL in a Layout component using the static-query like this:.Gridsome is a free and open source Vue. Gridsome generates static html that hydrates into a Vue SPA once loaded in the browser. It's perfect for your JAMstack workflow. Gridsome builds one. After first page load it only uses the.

How to build a multi language website with Gridsome

It also builds a. Gridsome adds a 57kB min gzip JS bundle size by default. Knowing how GraphQL works is a plus, but not required. Gridsome is a great way to learn it. Gridsome requires Node. Another static site generator for Vue.

It uses local markdown files for content and is perfect for documentation sites. It is possible to build anything in VuePress and Markdown Like a blog f. A Universal Vue. It also has a static site generator feature, but the main focus is SSR. Gridsome is an alternative for Gatsby. Edit this page on GitHub. Introduction Gridsome is a free and open source Vue. Why Gridsome?

Getting Started with Gridsome

Local development with hot-reloading - See code changes in real-time. File-based page routing - Any Name. Dynamic routing - Any [param].

Static file generation - Deploy securely to any CDN or static web host.

gridsome tutorial

GraphQL data layer - Simpler data management with a centralized data layer. Automatic Code Splitting - Builds ultra performance into every page. Plugin ecosystem - Find a plugin for any job. Learn more about how it works. How to install 1. Next steps Create. Subscribe to Gridsome newsletter! On this page Why Gridsome? How it works Prerequisites How to install 1. Install Gridsome CLI tool 2. Create a Gridsome project 3. Next steps Alternatives.Adding forms to a static site is easy, but you need to use an external service.

We have listed some great services that integrate well with Gridsome. Formspree is a contact form service that lets you handle form submission and it integrates seamlessly with your static sites Read more: Formspree. Getform is a form backend platform that lets you handle your forms on your websites and apps. You can set up a form and start collecting submissions to your form within minutes. Read More: Getform. Collect form submissions with spam filtering, email notifications, auto-reply and full automation.

Free plan available. Read More: form-data. We have included a honeypot input that will lure bots trying to send spam and Netlify will automatically reject them.

Next step is to add our formData variable that will hold our data that will be sent to Netlify, this is bound to our inputs to automatically update formData when the input is changed. Last step is to add our submit handler to send the data to Netlify. This is done by listening to the form submit action and using fetch to post the data in formData. We also have a encode method that will make sure our data is properly formatted when we post it.

But in this case you need to make sure you have a page set up on that route to present a success message for the user. Read more: Netlify Forms.

Basin helps you manage form submission and track conversions with no backend coding required. It offers great features that integrate excellently with your static sites.

Read More: Basin. Edit this page on GitHub. Add a form to Gridsome Adding forms to a static site is easy, but you need to use an external service. Formspree Formspree is a contact form service that lets you handle form submission and it integrates seamlessly with your static sites Read more: Formspree Getform.

Read More: Getform Form-Data Collect form submissions with spam filtering, email notifications, auto-reply and full automation. Read More: form-data Netlify Forms Netlify offers some sophisticated features to make static site form submissions a breeze.

On this page Formspree Getform.Get started. Open-source MIT Licensed. GitHub v0.

gridsome tutorial

Powered by GraphQL. Build websites with modern tools like Vue. Develop locally and get instant hot-reloading for any code change. Gridsome builds ultra performance into every page by using the PRPL pattern. You get code splitting, asset optimization, progressive images, and link prefetching out of the box. Gridsome sites get almost perfect page speed scores by default. Gridsome generates static PWAs. The next pages are then prefetched so users can click around incredibly fast without page reloads, even when offline.

Gridsome uses the power of blazing fast static site generation, JavaScript and APIs to create stunning modern web experiences. No servers. No databases. Only files. Deploy your entire site to a CDN and forget about it. A Gridsome site can handle thousands to millions of hits without breaking - and no expensive server costs.

Gridsome Page Transitions: How to override to create page transitions

This makes it possible for search engines able to crawl content and give better SEO ranking, and still have all the power of Vue. The modern web is decoupled and modular.

Thanks to Netlify for sponsoring Gridsome hosting infrastructure. Thanks to Algolia for sponsoring search for Plugins and Documentation. Infinite loading instead loads the next batch of content when a user scrolls to the bottom of a web page. Posted 8. October by Cody Barr - 3 min read. Version 0. Posted Gridsome 0. It also has an API that lets you fetch internal pages into other pages and components.

We're really excited to release Gridsome 0. The biggest update yet. It has many important features that make data handling easier and a lot more flexible. It opens up a whole new world of what you can build with Gridsome. Easily build Taxonomy pages and connections for any data. A new static site generator baby is born. It's highly inspired by Gatsby. We have been working on it for a year and will have a beta ready soon. You can expect this baby to grow up fast!

gridsome tutorial

October by Tommy Vedvik - 3 min read. Bring your data. Easy, local development Build websites with modern tools like Vue.In this tutorial we will show you how to create a Gridsome project with Storyblok by using the plugin gridsome-source-storyblok. Step by step we will build some components, using the live preview functionality and add translations. The final result will be a multi language website with some example content:.

Understanding of Gridsome and Vue. Install Storyblok's Gridsome source plugin. Edit the file gridsome. By default is the content of the homepage covered by Home content entry in Storyblok. This means that previous code would not generate index. To override this, you just need to update the code of the function data.

Using Template Files. So lets create a file called StoryblokEntry. When you create a space in Storyblok you will see a default page called Home. This page contains multiple components, like Page, Teaser, Feature and Grid.

So we will create this components and register them globally as Vue. The last step is to add some example css styles in the layout file. Create the file index. The Editor page will be a page that syncs the changes from Storyblok. Create the file Editor. When you access the Home page in your space it will open the Live Preview and show your project inside an iframe:.

Now you are able to edit components, change the text and add other components and the live preview will be automatically sync the changes that you made. Field level translation: Each field marked by translatable will have a translation and you have a single content item for all translations. Multi-tree translation: Each translation will have it's own content item and the translations are saved in different folders. Storyblok's source plugin already will automatically load all content for each language.

Try it out and translate some fields:. If all went well you can change the translation by clicking on the links in the upper right corner of the page. Using the Gridsome source plugin we built a MultiLanguage website with live preview, learned how to navigate between different translations and load pages from the GraphQL Data Layer.

Working as frontend engineer at Storyblok. He loves contributing to the open source community and studies artificial intelligence in his spare time. His motto is "To go fast, go alone; to go far, go together". Our Partner Program just launched - Become a Partner now and benefit! How to build a multi language website with Gridsome Feb 13, Home Articles How to build a multi language website with Gridsome In this tutorial we will show you how to create a Gridsome project with Storyblok by using the plugin gridsome-source-storyblok.

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