Check out out Reroll Guide for a more detailed description on the process of rerolling! A more in-depth description of the available Tutorial Starter Servants can be found below. Additionally, explanations of why Servants are placed in their respective categories are given. A discussion of how useful the Servant is early-game and whether they remain useful late-game is included. Simple to use and hard-hitting, the Greek hero Heracles is a one-size-fits-all brawler.

His Berserker class allows him to deal extra damage to all classes, and his survival options will provide a bit of extra stability in quests. Carmilla is a powerful single target Assassin. Given many of the early difficult enemies are Rider class particularly in the Orleans Singularitywhich are weak to Assassins, Carmilla provides beginners with a strong Servant with class advantage that can carry players through early content.

Our hero of justice can clear out waves with ease using his Noble Phantasm, allowing Masters to farm much needed EXP early game. His skill kit is also straightforward, consisting only of self-buffs. Saint Martha also gains value as players advance through content, as her full party debuff clear comes in handy in quests where debilitating debuffs are cast upon the party. Unlocking her Rank Up quests by Ascension will provide skill upgrades that make her a valuable enemy buff remover in challenging content as well.

An AoE damage-dealing Lancer Servant, Elisabeth Bathory is useful for beginners for her decent wave-clearing ability and her party support capabilities.

She manages to remain relevant in difficult content with her support, particularly gaining an extra bonus Attack buff for female allies after her Rank Up quest.

Although Chevalier may be slightly less straightforward to use, and their debuff-focused Noble Phantasm may seem less desirable at first glance, access to a taunt Servant such as Chevalier will be useful in the long run, as well as in early content. Being a Berserker class Servant, Tamamo Cat deals bonus damage to nearly all classes. This is particularly useful for EXP farming that is needed for beginners.

Although her Noble Phantasm has the demerit of stunning her for an extra turn after use, she later receives a Rank Up Quest that will provide one of her skills with Debuff Immunity, which will nullify the Stun effect, providing some long term value to Masters who roll her. When placed against enemies with the Dragon trait, he can be devastating, wielding multiple abilities that boost his damage against them.

However, outside of enemies with the Dragon trait, his low attack stat and AoE Noble Phantasm spreading damage across targets hurts his overall performance, making him more difficult to use for beginners who might need a Servant that covers multiple niches when their roster is still small.

Siegfried does receive enhancements to his damage through a Rank Up quest and Noble Phantasm upgrade, although late-game he still remains specialized in the relatively rare Dragon slaying niche. The Queen of France ranks as one of the highest when it comes to staying power among the tutorial Servant cast, with a 3-hit Invincibility skill that will last indefinitely until all three hits are consumed. However, her low damage can make early content slow. With her low attack stat, she can have trouble bringing enemies down despite having a damage-dealing AoE Noble Phantasm, which also suffers damage-wise from her low attack.

She is still capable of clearing beginner content, but it may take a little bit longer if she is the primary damage dealer, hence her placement in this category. A highly specialized anti-Male stalling Servant, Stheno may not see much use of her niche early game. Most of early game consists of attempting to kill enemies ASAP rather than stalling. Even so, her Assassin class makes her useful for some of the early quests that are riddled with Rider enemies.

She has long term use but limited beginner use. Consider Supporting us with GamePress Boost! Read more. Boost Community Discord All Games.Public Pastes. Untitled Python 3 sec ago trimma tempen C 26 sec ago Increasing Array Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Upit unlocks many cool features! Turning on virtualization in your boot menu when you restart your computer for a boost in performance might be necessary.

You can look up how to do this via google and enable it then. Mine was in CPU settings and had a description about how it was for running multiple systems. Even more might be a better idea if you can spare it. Obviously if you don't have a lot of RAM then choosing to increase your memory would be a bad idea, but nobody should be having trouble switching to these days unless they're on a really low spec laptop IMO.

The Journey Begins! How To Reroll (Tutorial)(Fate Grand Order FGO)

You can tell the English one from the Jap one if it says English OR its lacking the millions of downloads button when you inspect it. I've done all this and it launches, it just says the servers aren't ready for us to play until tonight. Open ES File Explorer on Memu and then hit the white block near the top in the blue area, it has a percent on it. Then you should see the data folder, go into it and then go into yet another data folder, now scroll down until you find com.

Remember you can save your account by following this so you could use this for your phone. How to play FGO on PC with Memu Turning on virtualization in your boot menu when you restart your computer for a boost in performance might be necessary. Obviously if you don't have a lot of RAM then choosing to increase your memory would be a bad idea, but nobody should be having trouble switching to these days unless they're on a really low spec laptop IMO 6 Just go to play store and download Fate Grand Order English from it and you are done.

You can tell the English one from the Jap one if it says English OR its lacking the millions of downloads button when you inspect it I've done all this and it launches, it just says the servers aren't ready for us to play until tonight. We use cookies for various purposes including analytics. By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the Cookies Policy. OK, I Understand.A popular event is also a common time to start a new account.

Whether you are a completely new player or simply want to start over and experience the game again, rerolling an account until you get a Servant combination you like is generally an excellent idea.

Rerolling is the act of starting a new account, using up the resources that are immediately available during the tutorial, and attempting to roll for the best possible combination. Completing the first tutorial will allow 1 full tutorial roll and a single roll with 3 quartz the summoning currency on any banner. However, during campaigns which immediately grant a new account plenty of additional quartz, rerolling becomes far more easy and lucrative.

An option available to every single player, no matter when, is rerolling the contents of the tutorial gacha. During the obligatory tutorial roll, a new Master only has access to 10 Servants.

Fate Grand Order - How To Reroll (Reset Marathon) in 5 Easy Steps

What is essential here is which Servants you roll and how many Servants you roll. Ideally, the tutorial roll will result in at least one of your preferred Servants from the tutorial selection. If you are unsure which Servants are great, a short summary is as follows:. After completing the tutorial gacha, a new Master must complete one more quest to unlock the summoning screen.

Normally, at this stage, there will be 1 more quartz in the gift box. With the 2 quartz previously collected during the tutorial, it is possible to do a single roll on whichever gacha is active. Rerolling with this few quartz is an exercise in frustration and is definitely not recommended. TL;DR : Rerolling with 3 quartz is possible but extremely time consuming and mind numbing. During some special events, a new player can receive much more additional quartz.

Even a bit of extra quartz can significantly reduce the tedium of rerolling. When such a campaign is active the process of rerolling becomes more complex. The tutorial gacha should still be paid attention to, and exploited, but the single rolls on the normal summoning banners are much more important. At this stage, which banner to roll on becomes important as well. Usually, there is at least one banner going on with rate-up Servants.

Servants with a rate up are far more likely to appear, or perhaps even available for only a limited amount of time. Check the summon information in the corner of the summoning screen to see what the current Servants on rate-up are.

Reroll Guide

What is always available is the story summoning banner which includes all non-limited and story-unlocked Servants. The drawback of the Story banner is that the Servants you receive will be far more random. This bind code has a single use and will need to be immediately refreshed after use.

Masters that intend to keep rerolling to see if they get something better should make sure to copy their bind codes very carefully. While possible, exchanging accounts regardless of payment is against the Terms of Service. Nonetheless, it is possible to start out with some advantages by purchasing an account on the grey market. Quartz accounts, unplayed accounts that have been gathering free quartz for large periods of time, are an option as well. Buyers should beware though and do their research.

Use at your own risk. But they are in no way necessary. A: Ideally, during a campaign that grants additional quartz or summoning tickets when starting. However, those are extremely rare.A Reset Marathon is where you completely restart the game by uninstalling and then installing the Fate Grand Order app again to roll better heroes.

As this game functions on Gacha system, sometimes the RNG may not be in your favour. Hence, the need for a Reset Marathon. No matter what happens, the game will proceed as planned. If you know what happens, click the skip button on the upper right hand of the screen to skip the cut-scenes. However, the only scenes you cannot skip are the ones with dialogue choices. Click menu at the lower right corner where a long blue bar will appear below. In the original Japanese version, there was no guarantee to earn a 4 star Servant.

But later news revealed that the Tutorial is bound to give you at least 1 4 star servant. For more information about our five star servants, click here. If you want to find out the recommended servants on the first roll, click here.

Reroll Tier List

For more information about the four star servants, click here. Before anything, check your characters. Click here to go to Recommended Servants Directory! As you summon certain servants of a certain star rank, the chances of summoning a servant of a similar rank increase.

While it may or may not count similar ranked craft essences summoned during that roll, the chances nonetheless do still increase. However, take note also of some of the craft essences summoned as they may aid the servant in the first portion of the story. If you want information about our four star servants, click here.

Now, this is where it differs for either iOS or Android. Once you get the transfer number, either write it down along with the servants as a result from the Tutorial Gacha or screenshot it. Then, this is where it differs across different phones depending on what your OS Operating System is.

Not sure if you want to reroll after getting good servants? You can either access it through the main menu or use it in the My Room feature. Rerolled for 4 hours. Finally rerolled a Herc and Carmilla.GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy.

Use this as your guide if you want to know all about re-rolling in FGO, what to aim for, and important points to remember. First of all install the game from the App Store or Google Play. Start up the game, then after all data is downloaded the tutorial will begin. You can progress by simply following the on-screen instructions. Reduce the amount of time it takes by skipping as much of the story and explanatory text as you can.

As you progress through the tutorial you get to perform a 10x Summon. Once you have finished the first battle in Chapter 3, along with the log in bonus in the Present Box you will now have 3 Saint Quartz.

Use these to perform a 1x Summon. On the Summon screen, if you keep swiping to the right you will find the Friend Point Summon. Use as many Friend Points on this as you can. Depending on the rarity of the items you pull you may not be able to teach the target of 20 Prisms. If at stage 6 you managed to reach 20 Mana Prisms, now exchange these in the Shop for a Summon Ticket. Heracles is particularly useful for progressing later on in the game. From when you first install the game a Reroll in FGO takes about 20 minutes.

Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Please be advised that we may not reply to every individual feedbacks. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. Reroll Tier List. The quickest and most efficient way to perform Reroll. FGO Beginner Guide! Everything you need to know.

Recommended Servants for Palingenesis - by role. Complete guide to Ember gathering farming. Have some feedback? Click here Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Reader Comments. Alias Optional Max.Rerolling is the process of deleting your account and creating a new one repeatedly until you obtain the most desirable servants you want in your initial summons.

This page will go into the details of how to reroll. Below rankings are from Appmedia. In a recent update for the Japanese server, the list of Servants available in Tutorial Summon was changed to the following:. Jump to: navigationsearch. Keep in mind that the initial roll tutorial roll will never give a 5 star servant!

Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. This page was last modified on 30 Novemberat Superb Noble Phantasm, can defeat bosses.

Aim towards Bond Craft Essence by reaching Bond Strongest after completing Rank Up Quest. Excellent as Archer Attacker.

Tamamo Cat. Good for clearing waves. Noble Phantasm stuns herself after using it until her second Interlude is completed. Area of Effect Noble Phantasm is easy to use. Excellent buffs after completing Rank Up Quest. Remains relevant throughout the game. Chevalier d'Eon. One of few anti-female units in the game. Has a useful, though selfish skillset.

Marie Antoinette. Somewhat difficult to play at start of game. Becomes stronger after completing Rank Up Quest. Good for high-difficulty quests. Hard to use except against Male enemies. Understanding of the game is necessary. Helena Blavatsky. Can also function as an anti-Assassin servant. Capable of providing Quick buffs for the party. Difficult to fit into Crit teams. Good sustaining ability.

Capable of healing a teammate and charging their Noble Phantasm meter. Suzuka Gozen. Capable of Ignoring Evasion. Nursery Rhyme. Requires a teammate or Craft Essence to generate Critical Stars.By rerolling, you can make your life during the early-game much easier, which, in turn, will help you progress into the mid-game at a faster pace.

The best part? The first occurs right after you complete the second battle tutorial and you are granted 30 Saint Shards for free. You can then use these shards for a 10x summon, which will give you a combination of Servants, craft essences, and other materials.

One 4-star Servant is guaranteed during this pull, but 5-star Servants can never be obtained here. Legendary 5-star characters can drop from these pulls, but are extremely!!

In other words, your goal during a reroll should be to complete the tutorial and find at least 2 4-star Servants. Rinse and repeat. There is one exception to this rule and that is if you start playing during a special event that grants Saint Shards to all Masters, even beginners. If this is the case, it might be worth collecting a few Saint Shards after the tutorial and using them to find a 5-star character.

As a rule of thumb, if you have at least 10 shards to work with, it makes sense to keep rerolling until you pull a Legendary. Downloads and loading screens included, each reroll can take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Furthermore, it might take up to 10 rerolls until you pull two decent 4-star Servants on a single account, which adds up to a total of more than 3 hours. Using this nifty feature, you can actually complete the tutorial on several instances at the same time.

You just have to select a main window and all the secondary instances will copy your clicks and commands to the dot. In order of our preferences, these are:. This powerful Berserker-class Servant gains an extra damage bonus against all other classes, which makes him an instant favorite.

He also benefits from decent survivability so he makes it easier for you to progress through early-game quests. During the late-game, he becomes one of the best Servants for Last Stand, especially after his Bond Craft Essence is unlocked at Bond level The latter are directly countered by Assassins, which means that Carmilla will melt their HP bars and give you a noticeable advantage. During the late-game, the fact that Carmilla deals additional damage to female opponents keeps her quite relevant.

During the late-game, he unlocks a number of Rank-Up Quests that increase his potential. Siegfried, Marie Antoinette, and Stheno are semi-decent pulls as well, but only if your line-up includes at least one better 4-star.

For those who are resolute enough to engage in rerolling, this used to be a long and frustrating process. With BlueStacks, it no longer has to be the case. BlueStacks 4 is not available on Windows XP. You must have Windows 7 or higher.

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