Collaboro attivamente con Tour operator, brand vari, press tour, enti e strutture turistichecreando esperienze nuove da condividere durante i miei viaggi. Realizzo video e foto e attraverso lo storytelling creo dinnanzi agli occhi di chi legge e di chi guarda le stesse emozioni che ogni viaggio e ogni scoperta creano in me. Collabora con me e potremo creare grandi progetti in linea con la tua azienda e la mia filosofia di viaggio! Collaboro con enti e brand che siano in linea con la mia filosofia di viaggio.

Resto pertanto sempre sincera e in alcun modo influenzata dagli organizzatori degli eventi. Facebook: www. Instagram: oltreleparole — followers. Twitter: oltreleparolebl — followers. Pinterest: Oltre le parole blog — 33,6 mila visualizzazioni mensili. Per richiedere il mediakit o per informazioni puoi contattarmi a questo indirizzo: info oltreleparoleblog.

Trovi i miei articoli di viaggio anche su magazine online e altri blog amici a tema viaggio. Eccone alcuni:. Chiudi la barra laterale. Collabora con me. Ecco cosa posso fare per te: Promozione attraverso il blog e i canali social di progetti, destinazioni, eventi e strutture ricettive.

Scrittura di articoli in ottica Seo.

collabora con

Scrittura di post sponsorizzati. Promozione attraverso i social prima, durante e dopo il progetto comprese le dirette Instagram e le stories sia su Instagram che Facebook. Blog tour in collaborazione con enti locali e esteri.

Digital storytelling. Reportage attraverso la fotografia. I miei canali social Facebook: www. Articolo sponsorizzato per Pampero viaggi. Collaborazioni tramite guest post Trovi i miei articoli di viaggio anche su magazine online e altri blog amici a tema viaggio.

Cosa vedere a Malaga la perla della costa del Solper il blog Mi prendo e mi porto via. Sri Lanka: una terra in cui natura e religione si fondonoper il blog Mi prendo e mi porto via.You can let your friends add videos to your playlist. When you turn on this feature, anyone that you share a playlist link with can add videos to that playlist.

Before you startcreate a playlist. If you need help, follow these steps to create a playlist. After you add a video, your name will show next to the video in the playlist. All collaborators will get a notification when new videos are added to the playlist. Note: You can only remove videos that you added to the playlist not other collaborators' additions.

Google Help. Send feedback on Help Center Community. YouTube Get support. Sign up and manage your account Manage account settings Manage privacy settings Manage accessibility settings Troubleshoot account issues. YouTube policies Reporting and enforcement Privacy and safety center Copyright and rights management. Collaborate on playlists You can let your friends add videos to your playlist.

Add collaborators to a playlist Add collaborators to your playlists. To go the playlist page, use the link you got from the playlist owner. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm that you want to be a contributor. The playlist will be automatically saved. To add videos from your computer or a mobile device, use one of these options: On the playlist page, select Add Videos and paste in a video URL, choose a video from your uploads, or search for a video on YouTube.

Select More. You can turn off contributions for playlists that you've shared at any time: Sign in to YouTube Studio. From the left Menu, select Playlists. Next to the playlist you want to update, click Edit.

Click Collaborate.

collabora con

Turn off "Allow new collaborators". Was this helpful? Yes No.Collabora Online is a powerful LibreOffice-based online office suite with collaborative editing, which supports all major document, spreadsheet and presentation file formats and works in all modern browsers. Inform me about new white papers and other relevant information See our privacy policy. Collabora Online supports editing your documents in real time with multiple other editors, showing high fidelity, WYSIWYG rendering and preserving the layout and formatting of your documents.

Users can insert and reply to comments and invite others without a Nextcloud account for anonymous editing of files with a public link shared folder. Collabora Online Development Edition CODE is free and under heavy development, adding features and improvements all the time, but beware that it is limited to 10 open documents onlyso it is only suitable for small teams or as demo version! Enterprise users have access to the more stable, scalable Collabora Online Enterprise version through a Nextcloud support subscription.

Most people use online services for storing their data, communication and editing documents, often giving up control over their files in exchange for the convenience of online collaboration.

With Nextcloud and Collabora Online, this is no longer a trade-off. Collabora Online is Open Sourceself-hosted and secure! Collabora Development Edition is offered for free, but is limited to 10 open documents, so it is suitable for small teams only or for demo purposes. Insert images directly from your Nextcloud. Access the Nextcloud sharing sidebar. Chat or have a call while editing. View and reply to comments. Collabora Online is not only available in the browser but also on our mobile platforms!

Enterprise users who need a more reliable and scalable solution with long term support, guaranteed response times and security updates can take advantage of our optional support contract for Collabora Online. We are able to provide a solution for Online Office for the entire Nextcloud community through our partnership with Collabora in an easy to use docker image for developers and home users. Enterprise users looking for a more reliable solution should contact Nextcloud Sales.

We'll describe how to get Collabora Online running on your server and how to integrate it into your Nextcloud using the docker image Nextcloud and Collabora built. Note: This guide does NOT cover self-signed certificates.

If you use a self-signed certificate then you're mostly on your own. The following steps will download the Collabora Online docker, make sure to replace "cloud. That will be enough. Once you have done that the server will listen on "localhost".

Now we just need to configure the locally installed Apache reverse proxy. Afterward, configure one VirtualHost properly to proxy the traffic.

For security reason we recommend to use a subdomain such as office. An example config can be found below:. Occasionally, new versions of this docker image are released with security and feature updates. We will of course let you know when that happens! This is how you upgrade to a new version:.

Find more questions and answers in the discussion thread on the forums and post a new topic in the Collabora category if you have unanswered questions! You have javascript disabled. We tried to make sure the basics of our website work but some functionality will be missing.Noi stiamo cercando persone capaci di mettersi in gioco con energia ed entusiasmo, condividendo le nostre idee e i nostri valori.

Noi stiamo cercando persone valide e competenti per collaborare sul loro territorio con la nostra agenzia per il lavoro. Il Nostro staff, si impegna a selezionare i propri collaboratori esclusivamente sulla base delle competenze professionali, indipendentemente da elementi relativi a provenienza culturale, genere ed orientamento sessuale.

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Collabora con noi

Curabitur imperdiet felis at est posuere bibendum.It was a delight working with Collabera. It helped me in getting set in an organization which absolutely legitimizes my experience. The promptness of the reaction from Collabera is exceptionally apparent. Every one of the representatives at Collabera that I came in contact were very useful and anxious to tackle my questions. Never experienced any issue in Pay, Leaves and so forth. Great working with Collabera.

Collabera's professionalism is unsurpassed. From the initial contact of the recruiter to the day-to-day exposure to the onsite account managers, Collabera provides all that they can to ensure that I am successful at my current company. Collabera was an amazing resource during my job search. I was presented with many opportunities and found a position I love due to the dedication of Collabera Recruiters. It was a pleasure working with Collabera. They helped me get placed in a company which totally justifies my experience.

The punctuality from Collabera is highly appreciated. Awesome Consultancy for your career! I could go on!! At the end of the day I wish all our suppliers were just like you. Thank you for all you do! Joel and Collabera helped me build a program for Veteran hiring. Many have become permanent employees over time. As I began working with recruiters I found that the people at Collabera were always professional and kind. I could tell they truly cared about placing the right consultant in the right position.

Coronavirus Update: The health and safety of our Collabera Community is our top priority.Scritture non narrative, ibride, sperimentali, concettuali. Monologhi, dialoghi, testi irrisolti, non conclusi. Catalogazioni, liste, testi cifrati, codici, appunti, lingue parlate da una sola persona, scrittura automatica, scrittura visuale.

Esperienze extracorporee, sogni lucidi, ricordi di vite precedenti. Non ci sono limiti di caratteri o di formato.

Collabora con noi

Inviare il materiale a cleanrivista gmail. Stai commentando usando il tuo account WordPress. Stai commentando usando il tuo account Google. Stai commentando usando il tuo account Twitter. Stai commentando usando il tuo account Facebook. Notificami nuovi commenti via e-mail. Mandami una notifica per nuovi articoli via e-mail. Facebook Instagram. Fotografia di Oana Pughineanu — seikopilgrim — seikopilgrim Clean sta cercando: Scritture non narrative, ibride, sperimentali, concettuali.

Condividi: Twitter Facebook. Mi piace: Mi piace Caricamento Rispondi Cancella risposta Scrivi qui il tuo commento Inserisci i tuoi dati qui sotto o clicca su un'icona per effettuare l'accesso:. Nome obbligatorio.

collabora con

Sito web.For over 13 years, we've helped clients navigate the ever-evolving world of Open Source, enabling them to develop the best solutions — whether writing a line of code or shaping a longer-term strategic software development plan. Our team of engineers and developers are among the most motivated and active Open Source contributors and maintainers around the world.

They have a passion for technology and strive to accelerate the adoption of Open Source technologies, methodologies and philosophy. If you share this passion, and want to be part of a growing, globally distributed team, we want to hear from you! Below is a list of our current job openings.

If you see a position that interests you, click on the title to learn more and apply! Please note that we operate a preferred supplier list and will contact you if we require assistance with a particular role. Also, I saw the work done by the people at Collabora and I was thinking that it was the best place on earth to evolve as an engineer. Collabora allows me to work on projects that I care about, and because of this, I do my best to improve these projects and also help the community to evolve.

Aside from contributing to projects that matter, I'm also learning from very smart people! I also enjoy the flexibility to work at any time of the day and from home. My hope is that free software generally gives more meaning to the work of a developer. This hope, along with the high degree of autonomy and trust in Collabora Employees, are what motivates me at work to perform well. With my skill set I have been able to add instant value to support the company in its growth.

It motivates me knowing that the company respects and trusts me to do a great job, that my opinions count, and that I am valued.

I also like that I work with great people and I can work from home and from the office. I chose them based on company names that I saw on the kernel mailing lists and in the Linux Weekly Newsletter's summaries e. The second important bit for me was the ability to work remotely since I did not want to relocate, and there are only a few IT companies in my city with most of them working on closed projects.

What I like about working at Collabora is that I am getting paid to work on open source software. I also like the flexibility of working from home with a loose timetable.

It's something that I already liked during my studies. I also like that I get to work from home or close to homewhich when approached properly, can lead to a good work-life balance. Taking pride at work and having the feeling that I am contributing meaningfully to both the company and FOSS projects are what motivate me to perform well at work!

The challenges and cohorts at work are what motivate me to perform well. This is great also because I get to balance studying and working full-time, plus taking care of my fur babies!

Collabora Online Development Edition 4.2

Collabora has a learning culture that encourages everyone to never stop learning and developing. They provide support for my personal and career development, and I have great mentors!

Diventa un Consulente in Aste - Collabora con Centro Aste

Collabora lets me work from home so no more open-space offices!!! The technical skills of engineers in the company gives me a chance to learn new technologies, tricks and approaches. I also really enjoy working with interesting people from different countries. The people I work with, along with interesting and challenging tasks, motivate me to perform well at work.

Collabora con Noi

They also provide me with a good opportunitiy to practice English. Finally, I like that I get to participate in conferences! The work is interesting with enough challenges.

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