Anjali sat knitting on the couch, as she did every night the last month, waiting for Chotey to return after his nocturnal routine of jogging. He usually came back exhausted, bone tired and deathly quiet. She had found out 2 weeks ago, from Aman, that Chotey had started including Laxmi Nagar in his running route. This began after they discovered that Garimaji and Sasiji were back at their house, sans Khushi and Madhumatiji.

Anjali and Aman struck a companionable friendship, one with the wellbeing of Chotey in mind. They spoke daily, consoled each other in their concern for Chotey, each taking care of him at their respective turfs. Anjali liked this platonic relationship, being friends with a man without the pressures of a relationship. Shyam was in police custody, and she had signed her divorce papers, for all her concerns she had rid herself of his presence forever.

Her reverie was interrupted by Chotey, who walked in the door, his mood dark and brooding. He stopped briefly when he spotted his Di at her post, like every other night. After making sure she had taken her dinner, he excused himself and made for his bedroom.

After a bath, he walked out to the poolside patio of his room, his sanctuary. He sat there each night, reliving his memories of Khushi; calling out to her, cajoling her, scolding her for disappearing, pleading for her to come back, missing her terribly.

At times he looked as though he was having actual conversations with her, at times just calling her name repeatedly as though not getting a reply. Every night Anjali watches her brother do his nocturnal ritual. These are the only hours she sees him reacting to his misery, the pain etched in his face heartbreaking to watch, his silent tears, while he held his head down between his knees and wept in loneliness and despair.

All for her love for her family and the Raizadas. He sat silently as Sasi and Garima joined him in shocked silence, knowing the young man had to get the weight off his chest, the obvious suffering in his visage pricking at their conscience. This after all was the man whom Khushi loved so earnestly, the man who lived with them and treated them with utmost respect and esteem. Arnav told them his version of what happened 14 years ago with his parents and respectfully asked Garima to explain hers.

He patiently listened and found to his horror that she had been tricked by a married man into a relationship. Much like Khushi was with Shyam. He lamented on how badly he had misunderstood Khushi and would with all his heart make it up to her, as he loved her so much.

They had made a vow to let Khushi grow as a person away from expectations and pressures, to realize the person she wanted to be. Arnav had walked away without answers but not after putting a tap on their phone. While Anjali watched over Arnav, at AR Group HQ, Aman was looking through the daily reports of the team of private investigators they had working on finding Khushi bhabhi.

Sasi and his wife Garima went about their small business and medical check-ups with a quiet dignity that was unnerving. Aman did his daily summary every night before he left, knowing ASR will search for it first thing tomorrow.

ASR worked himself to the bone, throwing himself into his work. It translated into increased success and wealth, the company was growing in subsidiaries and assets accumulated, share prices were at an all time high. Employees got plenty of raise, but had to put up with their curt and abrasive Boss, who expected even more from them as they succeed. He walks in HQ every morning before everyone and is always last to leave every evening.Idiot people like u always disgrace the ASR 's character Why to waste so much time and energy to write such bull shit??

Revenge has nothig to do with love I truly appreciate women becoming stronger but it doesn't mean women should become carbon copy of men and losing their feminity. Softness is a strength not a weakness.

arshi ff insult

Dont insult the epic couple ASR and khushi U have no write to insult them Use any different names to write such jerk story I wish you had read the whole story before commenting. And what is to disgrace in the character when it always was hard to digest. Accept it a man's pride is not showing down the woman. He had done wrong. Oh so if a man marry for revenge then that is fine?

I have read those too and saw how people loved it. The female was still very much feminine and soft. And this was story like an another one. I needed to write to get my anguish out. In the show Khushi is either blamed to be chatacter less or that she behave OTT but your super ASR never really understood or trusted her.

If he behave overfriendly with his ex-gf and her kid and Khushi didnt like it then her mentality is shallow. You expressed your view through the comment and I did mine through the story. I cant impose mine on urs and u cant urs on me. And to be honest I never liked Asr in the serial, it was only because of writers on board that I started liking ArHi but some episodes of the show forced me to vent out my anger.

For me ArHu had become epic because of the stories I read on them and not the show. Just because of someone's good look you cant ignore their misdeed even though at times he helped her. And I really hope you will read the end of it which is available on India-forums. I have given to my readers a better and improved Arnav who is still ASR toward the world but doesnt inflict pain on his own woman.Beautiful ending and a perfect new beginning.

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You have a beautiful way of expressing your thoughts through pen and you are truly gifted, Appy!! Just finished your forbidden desire story and couldn't get enough. I will finish reading rest of your stories, a feast for any reader.

Hi there i am sorry i did not comment. Just to tell you this was a brilliant amazing story. I really loved it. Thnx for writing. He exactly knew why suddenly everything is looking so empty, despite of people gathering the whole house looked as if it will gulp in and he will fall inside the darkest pit. How can he not know that Khushi was the reason for this feelings.

She had been his sunshine in those dark days of his life. No matter how much he wanted Khushi to leave him but he was toughly aware of the fact that it was only her for whom he heart was still beating.Arnav was looking outside the window it was raining heavily; he was thinking what happened today.

Both of them cut off all their relation with their families and left from their lives forever. He took Khushi to his another house in Delhi which unknown to Raizadas. His chain of thoughts broken by jingling sound of payelshe turned and saw her coming in room with food tray in her hand. Arnav nodded and walked towad her. They both had their dinner silently. Khushii come out of washroom wearing her nightdress. She saw him again standing by the window looking outside. She knew it was tough day for both of them.

Sensing her, Arnav turned around and looked at the beauty in front of him; he walked towards her while drinking her beauty with his eyes. He cupped her face with his one hand and his other hand encircled around her small waist holding her soft body possessively against his hard one. She could barely breathe seeing his eyes glittering in the moonlight with sensual hunger. She could feel his need. She knew what he want. It intimidated her but also she knew she could not turn him away now as he need her most today.

She trembled against his as he placed his lips on her. He slowly moved his mouth on hers, kissing her softly and gently, kiss was full of love. He ravished her mouth, working earnestly on his thirst. Arnav left her lips when he felt Khushi out of breath. His mouth started trailing wet kisses along her jaw and moving down to her neck. A soft moan left her mouth as she felt his lips on her neck.

She arched her neck, giving him more access. Before she knew, she was laying on the bed with him on top of her. He saw her swollen lips and trembling, her eyes closed, dark hair sprawled on the white pillow. She opened her drugged eyes and gazed dazily into his eyes. She could see his desperation ….

Without breaking the eye lock, he leaned toward to her lips and fussed his lips with her, nibbling on her lips softly while discarding his shirt.

Taking her small hands in his, he guided it to his back. He kissed her longer … deeper. Khushi's hands caressed his back, his warm skin felt like silk against her palm. He trailed feathery soft kisses from her cheek to her throat. He kissed and licked and sucked further down her body as he slowly unzipped her dress and gently tugged down over her shouldersthen down the her flat plane stomach, down the curve of her hips, until the creamy length of her long legs were revealed to him inch by inch.

She waited in breathless anticipation as her the clasp of her bra dragged it away from her breasts, letting them fall against his chest. His heart constricted seeing her face flushed with pleasure, her entire body quivering with excitement, her toes curling with pleasure. Unable to bear the intensity of his perusal, she made a move to cover herself.Page of Go Next Last. Posted: 6 years ago. She felt a lump in her throat watching Arnav and Sheetal laughing. Khushi looked amused and hurt at Arnav laughing carelessly to a joke cracked by Sheetal.

Soon the basket ball match got over and everyone is walking back to the car. Since the car is parked on the other side of the road they have to cross the road. Arnav caught Aarav's hand while crossing the road along with Sheetal.

Akash and Payal walked together while Mami and NK walked along with each other. Nani and Anjali is crossing the road talking while Khushi was all alone walking behind them. She is walking slowly looking down and lost in her own thoughts and was not aware of her surroundings. They all reached the other side.

NK: "I really enjoyed it mausi ji. Naniji: "Yes NK babua. Khushi bitiya did a good thing by suggesting this game. NK: "Talking about her where is Khushi ji? Anjali: "She is here Where did she gone?

arshi ff insult

NK looked to the road and saw Khushi crossing the road slowly looking down. NK: "There she is. Suddenly his face became horrified and he screamed her name gaining everyone's attention. NK: "Khushi ji Khushi looked up hearing her name and looked around and saw a truck speeding towards her.

Arnav looked horrified at the sight in front of him. Everyone just stood there shocked. Khushi was numb and she didn't move from there in fear. She wanted to move but she felt that her leg is not moving from there. She closed her eyes tightly preparing herself for the harsh hit by the truck. Suddenly she felt some one pulling her back. When she opened her eyes she saw Payal hugging her tightly and a shocked Akash who was looking at her almost in relief.

She closed her eyes and hugged back Payal who was now crying. She was pulled back from the truck by Payal. Payal and Akash didn't cross the road as they stopped for buying a bottle of water. They turned back hearing NK's scream and saw a truck speeding towards Khushi. They both rushed towards the road and Payal pulled back Khushi before the truck could hit her and hugged her fiercely. Arnav and others rushed towards her. Arnav pulled back Khushi from Payal and hugged Khushi tightly to himself.Khushi now came out of her stance.

Arnav : Nani, do you know her all bio-data? I mean from where did she come? Nani : Chote Aap bahut bol chuke hai. She has sent by orphanage where I used to donate every year…. Arnav : whatever it is?

Mami : but why Arnav beta? Nani : nehi Chote. Arnav [ gritted teeth] : She is just a simple worker of this house. Arnav angrily walked out of the room and strode toward his room…just then he saw some red stain on white marble floor…. He stopped and looked forth and back to know out of blue from where these stain came here. Khushi : Laxmi ji. Why he yelled on me?? Why he hates me so much??? Arnav walked to her and Khushi now stood there like statue as there was no place left to move back ….

To her surprise He picked her up and walked toward otherside…. There was no end the depth onto his eyes… no one could on earth read his face that time. Khushi took breath and looked up but to give her another heart attack Arnav appeared before her and dropped a fast-add box on her lap. Then bent on her holding both handles of the chair… Khushi was again dying in fear …. Khushi pressed her lips to choke back her tears… Arnav pulled back but in next second he again pinned her in between his hands ….

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Arnav pulled back and strode into his room … Khushi ran to her room and again started crying lying on bed …. No one ever rudely behaved with her ever… She was most dearest member in her house…. Khushi : Jiji… kaha ho tum… kaha ho … wapas ajao …. Tum mujhe yeh kis riste mein band ke chor ke chale gaye…. Mujhe iss riste se Mukti chahiye [ Jiji where are you. Next day at morning …. HP… where is Khushi? Arnav : she is paid off for that Dii… damn it… [ Arnav was about to get up pushing plate but Anjali held his hands].

Anjali : Chote. Khushi you will call me Anjali Ji. So either she has to quit this job or this fasting …. She has no one in Delhi.

Finding An in Complete FF #2

But She has to stay here at any cost to find out someone and for that she needs money and accommodation. Khushi : Madam.

Arshi 😍on 'Tum Hi Aana' ( On Request Of Vivek Kumar)

Anjali : khushi.Hey Guys. Life Guard:. Misha opened the door to welcome her beloved bhaiya and bhabi holding Mushy in her arms.

arshi ff insult

The moment musky saw her mumma, she started struggling in her bui's arms to go to her mumma. Khushi immediately took her from misha and kissed her. My sweety pie". Arnav tried to take musky in his arms but she refused to go to him and turned towards Khushi. Arnav made her face him and said "oh bachhu, apni mumma mil gai aur pah! Ko bhul gaye?

Arnav dug his head on her cute tummy and nuzzled making her giggle more. Bursting out in laughter she fisted Arnav's hair crunching herself sucking her belly so that Arnav doesnot tickle her more. Khushi carring Muskaan, Arnav and misha came in and went straight towards the mandir.

Khushi touched Devi Maiya's foot and then hugged misha. Arnav came and hugged both misha and Khushi together, feeling complete in their arms. Arnav broked the hug and looked at misha. She looked at Khushi whose tears started rolling down her cheeks. Arnav held khushi's arms and brought her to the center of the mandir. He made misha hold muskaan and brought them to their centre. Muskaan struggled to go to Khushi but Arnav held khushi's hand blocking her from taking muskaan in her arms. Even misha started crying what Arnav just said.

Khushi just couldnot control her emotios anymore she threw herself on her and hugged him tightly in his arm. You are the one who have changed this ASR to Arnav. You are the one who brought out my feelings.

You are the one who taught me to live. You are the one who showed me this beautiful world. Never ever leave me. I will stop breathing if you do so". Khushi broke the hug and saw his eyes beaming love and affection. Arnav held her hand and started taking seven pheras circling misha and muskaan. Narrating the 7 oaths Arnav and Khushi completed their 7 pheras. Misha quickly brought the kumkum not sindoor which was kept near the devi maiya's idol and Arnav finally filled her mang with devi maiya's ashirwaad.

Khushi opened the door and tried to peep out to stop Arnav, but she was a little late. Arnav pinned her near the door and said, "how dare you entered the bathroom without me? Do you get it?

arshi ff insult

Arnav picked her up in his arms and made her seat on the basin. He quickly un dressed himself and plastered him with her nude from. He made her wrap her legs around his waist. This is not done" he said against her lips.

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